The California Smokers' Helpline provides a number of services to help smokers and other tobacco users quit. All services are free. If we expect that each quit attempt can be an independent event, this allows us to use basic probability to come up with the geometric mean, which is determined by dividing 1 by the probability of that event. If it can… Read More

Download our free GIVE UP SMOKING App for iPhone today, to get started on your incredible journey. I quit chilly turkey. I smoked for 15 worst side effect up to now is hot flashes and being tired on a regular basis. I cough a little each day nothing at all too bad. I prayed every day.Still do without prayer I definitely cannot have quit. The first … Read More

Hello everyone, i am Tania and I would like to share my experience and journey to quit smoking for the nice. Look into utilizing a nicotine replacement if you want to. If you find that none of the strategies is working, talk to your doctor about treatments like nicotine replacement unit gums, areas, inhalers, or nasal sprays. Sprays and inhalers ca… Read More

Welcome. I guess you are here because you have just stop smoking, or you are thinking of quitting. Maybe you are not sure whether you should leave. If you aren't here because of smoking, utilize this link to return to the SMART website. In any other case, get comfortable, shop around, and preferably you will opt to dig somewhat much deeper into SMA… Read More